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What is a Zip file & How Does a Zip File Work?

Although you have repeatedly heard about zip files, at this point, you may not know how to define them. However, it’s time to redeem yourself to understand what a ZIP is, how it works, and if you encounter various file types with this category. After you have all sorts of information about ZIP files, you will likely give them the value it deserves.

how do work zip files

ZIP files can be found on almost any website, considering a lightweight and secure format. You will generally see the zip format when downloading movies, series, or even programs for your computer. They are files found in most things you like, so it is easy to visualize them without knowing what format stands out.

What is a zip file?

ZIP would correspond to the name of a format that stores several computer files in a single folder. This format will allow the file to be compressed by 30 percent or even more than the original file.

With zips, you could prevent your hard drive from losing storage space with the download folders. On the other hand, a zip file allows file transfer to be fast, secure, and easy to use.

That is defined by the expression .zip and is usually backed by an access key. You will need to have a special program to run the zip files, and you can do it without an internet connection.

Why should you use ZIP files?

You may be wondering why you should use .zip files, and that’s where several reasons come in:

  • It allows you to have compressed folders.

You could have endless folders compressed in a friendly format with zip files. If, for example, you want to keep all your university notes in one place, you should use the zip format. You only have to adapt to this type of file and compress or decompress through the programs.

  • You can encrypt the files in the format.

If you give priority to the zip file, you may take the best experience home after trying to encrypt the documents. You could add a complicated key to the folders that you have previously compressed in the format. This access password can be as complicated as you want.

  • Takes up less space on your computer.

If you compare a zip file with the original format, you may understand its importance. With a ZIP file, you will have 1 GB of music space to less than 700 MB. With all this storage space you save, you could save more songs, pictures, movies, etc.

  • It adapts to any format.

The zip file will adapt to any format you want to compress from your computer. You have the opportunity to convert a movie in MKV format to ZIP, images in JPG format to ZIP, or even AVI format to ZIP.

Types of .zip files

When you decide to download the files in .zip format, you should know that they will be divided into several types. You must know the definition of each format in ZIP files to know its importance. On the other hand, knowing how to identify the different zip formats will help you make the most of their level of security and storage.

  1. RAR format

It is a personal file format that works with a lossless storage algorithm. The RAR format was initially released in 1993 and has been one of the most widely used compressed files ever since.

       2. ARJ Format

The ARJ format closely resembles the .zip file due to the level at which the documents are compressed. It is a format developed in 2012 and is available for Windows 32 or 64 bits.

       3. TAR format

It is the oldest storage format linked to the .zip file because it was released in 1979. This format will store the data, folders, or documents on a tape drive, which is limited.

You need special software to compress or uncompress any of these .zip files to their executable version. You could turn to programs like Winrar, compatible with various formats. There are many versions of WinRar available, and you will be able to use the program free of charge for 40 days after installing it.

Steps to follow to create your ZIP file

You may be inspired to create your compressed document now that you know how wonderful a ZIP file is. However, for you to achieve this goal, you will have to follow some steps:

Step 1: Save the documents in a folder.

To compress the files in ZIP format, you must send all the documents to a single folder. You have to right-click on the interface in Windows and click on “create a folder.” You can put any name into the folder and store all the documents you want to compress.

Step 2 : Open the ZIP file compression program.

After you organize the documents to be compressed, you will have to open the program that will help you with the task. If you don’t have the compression software, you can install WinRAR. This program is very easy to use and accepts endless formats starting with RAR.

Step 3 : Zip the folder.

With the compression program installed on your PC, you will have the tools to convert the folder to a ZIP file. You should select the folder with the right mouse click and select the “add to RAR” option. You must wait for the compression process to finish to have the desired file.

How to give a password to the ZIP file?

You may be worried that the folder you have compressed to ZIP does not have a password, but you can change that. You must take full advantage of the WinRAR program for successful file compression. You could add a very long password to protect your files with the software.

You should open the file next to the program and go to its settings to eventually give it a password. The software will not limit you to the number of creative characters with the password. You should write down the secret key of the file before you forget it to recover the files you have compressed.

encrypt zip files


A ZIP file is a format that will help you in various ways at work, starting with ordering your documents. .zips will also allow you to secure working documents through an encrypted system. You could save storage space on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop with this format.

To enjoy ZIP files, it is only fair that you learn to compress or decompress them with software such as WinRAR. This program will allow you to convert your MKV file to ZIP or other formats you want.

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