What is IOS? How to Use It?

Experts have created this post to provide complete information and news updates. It’s amazing how many people consider the iPhone a status symbol as they look forward to every release. What is so special about iPhones that make people want them immediately? Well, here you will know.

IOS 16

The iPhones have an operating system different from other devices, known as the iOS system. It never hurts to know a little more about the history of iOS, how it works, what its functions are, etc. Thanks to the advances in technology, today, this system is more up-to-date and offers special functions to the users.

What do you know about the iOS system? Did you know that it was founded in 2007 by Steve Jobs, thus causing a stir in the market? It is an operating system developed in Hong Kong, thus providing a wide range of customization without rooting the mobile. That same year, Apple launched its first iPhone, thus dividing the smartphone market.

The iPhone and its operating system succeed in hundreds of countries worldwide

Both Android and Windows are Apple operating systems. Only iOS is much more advanced. Android is one of the most used systems and is highly popular worldwide. Except for iOS, it only works on the multi-touch interface. The sensor of your device will be much more powerful. By detecting the user’s fingers, it will start working instantly.

Many people bet on devices that work with this operating system, so many versions already exist. Every year, Apple updates, which allows your device to have improvements and greater security. Today, Steven Jobs has raised millions of dollars, thus being one of the most millionaire people in the world.

Do you know what iOS means? iPhone Operating System and its acronym in English is iOS, used in branded smartphones. Then later, the operating system on other devices like iPad tablets iPod music players. You can find more than 2 million iOS apps available on Store platforms and download them more successfully.

Since 2005, Steven Jobs has been planning to create a device that could meet the expectations of its users of it. He had two options: shrinking the Mac, the Apple desktop, or enlarging the iPod. After several investigations, the expert had the idea to create the iOS operating system with the help of the Mac and iPod team.

It’s been 15 years since Apple made its first release of the unique operating system

What is the difference between Android and iOS? Android is an operating system from Google and can be installed on any brand phone. But iOS is a closed operating system and does not allow any application that can damage the device. But these smartphones have the Apple Store, where you can search for applications compatible with iOS.

Since this operating system creates, it has had many versions from 2007. The first version was iOS 1.0 the same year of its launch. In 2008, they updated to iOS 2.0 until they reached the latest version of iOS 15 in 2021. This latest version is compatible from iPhone 6s to iPhone 12, with its mini Pro and Pro Max versions.

But there is a curious fact since you can look at the official Apple website, where they indicate the real name of the iOS. When it was first released, this system was called OS X. In 2008, OS and by 2011, it was renamed iOS. So every year, you will be able to see a different version of iOS as Apple is always updating its system to provide quality.

All the tasks offered by this operating system are quite fluid, and you can compare them with other operating systems. Seeing the deficiencies of the updates they carry out every year, the company eliminates them from advancing a little more and achieving their goals. Users have noticed the changes and verified that each version is better than the previous ones.

Learn a little more about certain exceptional functions of this operating system

You may not know what version you have installed in this world, which is very easy and quick to see. You must enter the settings of your iPhone. You will see some steps that you must follow. They are very simple, and I do not have difficulty following them. When you enter the setting, enter “general” choose where it says “system information.”

IOS 15.5

It is there where you will see all the previous versions and the most recent ones that you have had installed.

That option also lets you know if you have any pending updates on your iPhone or software updates. You will automatically receive notifications. If so, do not hesitate and carry out the updates so that the operating system is protected. Both the applications and the games offered by this operating system are different from what Android offers.

For example, one of the applications you can use with iOS is FaceTime. It allows you to make video calls to other users. You can only do them if the other person also has an iOS operating system; otherwise, they will not communicate. This application already comes pre-installed on smartphones, Apple Maps, and the iCloud account.

Did you know that Siri is one of the most prominent features of iOS? You can ask this voice assistant what you need or show you. You will see how easy and practical it is since it helps you find what you need online, call a friend, among others. Several criticisms were recently made known as users comment on updates to Google Assistant with Alexa.

Do not miss the new updates that Apple has for this new year

The first thing you should keep in mind is the security of your device, and the iOS system is secure. Although, experts commented that today, a device with an Android operating system is much more difficult to hack. This year promises the Apple company to come soon with its new updates and extraordinary features.

Now you can understand why millions of people enjoy having a smartphone with this operating system. If you want one, you can head to Apple Stores to get any available phones with recent updates. If you want more information, you can also enter the official website.

There you will see all the features of iPhone that Apple has launched on the market in 15 years. You will also know about each of the updates and versions that they have made and the improvements after launching the new versions. Do not stay with the doubt and find out everything you want right now through the Apple website.

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