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How do computers work? A simple introduction

A computer is usually a machine made to do several specific tasks. Through this equipment, you will be able to do many things that are part of daily life, such as communicating with people from the country you want, making cards, playing various types of games, and surfing the Internet.

The computer is a great power and versatile tool. It is quite a famous and necessary device in most people’s lives. It is a set of components and circuits that are united. The components of this type of equipment are the central processing unit and the CPU.

History of Computer

Today a computer makes life easier, as it is necessary to start a new business. You can write the text you want in it, and it is ideal for downloading different types of programs. It is a piece of equipment that cannot be missing at home or the office because it is really necessary.

Today, you will meet many models and brands of computers that offer various features. They are made with unique technology to perform your tasks with innovative functions and advanced programs.

Types of Computer

Today, you will meet various computers that fit all needs with ease.


These computers have a unique power. They perform many calculations in seconds. They are usually sets of computers connected, they have a high price, and you need to have a large space to put them.

Central computer:

This computer is used by governments or companies because much information can be stored. This type of computer uses several applications at the same time. It has a good size and is perfect for easily installing many operating systems.


These are small computers responsible for centralizing the software and information of an office, company, or place that requires data to access any computer.

Desktop PC:

This is the most common and the one that is used daily. Surely you will have a computer of this type in your home. These are medium in size and can be easily placed on a table. They are ideal for accessing personal data, surfing the Internet, doing college work, and playing games.


These types of computers are portable. You can take them wherever you want with ease. You can keep them on thanks to the internal battery and an extra power cable. This computer is perfect for the office or studying, allowing you to take it home or work.


This computer has an excellent Android system, allowing users to consult the information they need through a larger screen than any smartphone. With this type of computer, you can connect to Wi-Fi and take photos. It is recommended to watch your favorite movie from your bed.

What are the parts of a computer?

You must know how a computer is composed before you buy a specific one

Screen or monitor:

This is usually the most important information output device of the computer. It is responsible for showing the entire interface of the different software and the operating system you use. There are several types of prices. You must select the one that best meets your needs.


This is usually the brain of the PC. It is also known as the Central Processing Unit. It executes all mathematical operations; computers work with several binary digits. This makes processing any digital information just performing several operations.


It is usually a system of information storage. This is responsible for saving the data you actively use to get into it quickly.

Video card:

It is an element of computers responsible for decoding and deciphering all the language in the computer’s processor. To convert it into images, symbols, and representations that users can understand.

This computerized device is responsible for processing the final response that the system prepares for the team. The video card is known as a video accelerator card or graphics card. They are attached to the mainboard.

Power supply:

This is a device that is responsible for supplying a high voltage to the components of the computer. Its purpose is to transform the outlet’s voltage into direct voltage with the correct voltages for the components of the computer.

The hard Drive:

It is a device to store information, such as videos, photos, computer programs, or text files. This is a vital part of the computer; nowadays, you can get a hard drive that fits what you are looking for.

What is a computer for?

The computer is electronic equipment responsible for processing data and performing various functions to do many jobs. At present this type of equipment is so complete that you can do whatever you want.

How Computer Works?

A computer is made of two parts that work continuously: the hardware and the software. The hardware comprises all the physical components, such as the DVD drive, microprocessor, memory card, ports, power supply, and various peripheral elements such as keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

The software is where the elements that make up a computer work, such as data, programs, rules, and computer applications. It also handles the interface between all user components and a computer.

Computers for kids

Studying has changed, so it is essential to have a computer for children to do school tasks. For this reason, primary school children can take a computer course to learn to handle a computer properly.

Children need to learn to use a computer because it is a great tool to easily do school projects and homework. In this way, the little ones will not have to be in the library to look for information on a particular type of topic, so it is necessary to have a computer with Internet access to get everything they are looking for.

It is recommended that parents buy their children a suitable computer to practice everything taught in class. This will make them feel motivated to learn about various subjects and love studying.

The computer has become a necessary tool for both children and adults. So it would help if you learned to use it properly at all times.

Employees must have the right computer to get the job done with ease in business. Before buying the appropriate equipment, it is essential to analyze several important aspects to know which model to buy at a price that fits your pocket. For this reason, you must seek the appropriate advice and find out what components a good PC should have.

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