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If you love sports games, you might want to check out favorites like world cricket championship two or real cricket go. Both games fall into the category of sports available for your Android phone right now. You only have to see in detail what each game consists of to choose the one that you consider most reliable.

These cricket games allow you to know about the game, the rules, create a team, and have fun with it. You have to download the game and adapt to the controls available to control the team. After you are a professional in the game, all you have to do is motivate yourself to face other people.

World Cricket Championship 2: Features

With world cricket championship 2 – wcc2, you will have the best experience in sports games without the need for a super mobile phone. You will have a perfect cricket game in graphics, team organization, controls, and other elements. Among other features for which the game stands out are:


  • Game modes

With World Cricket Championship 2, you will have a dynamic game mode to play PvP type or against bots. If you choose the PvP mode, you have to try to have a good internet connection to not interfere with your game. You should only have enough time to face the AI ​​computer in offline mode.

Within the game mode in the world cricket championship 2 mod apk, you can also change the themes at will. You can play with a night, day, sunset mode, or even a light blue tone that will relax your eyes. It is good that you constantly update the game to enjoy the game modes.

  • Tournaments

When you resort to online gambling, you will have the opportunity to face other players in classic matches and tournaments. You have to sign up for the most recent tournaments, where you can run into more than ten teams. These matches can be national or international, so the winning odds are subjective.

You can play intense battles against players who have been in the game for years or even beginners with little experience. These battles could give you a good reputation in the game to be encouraged to participate in it.

  • Clashes

The matches can be national and international, where you will fight with more than 18 foreign and 12 national teams. These battles can be held in more than 40 different stadiums where you will feel the true emotion. Matches can be Classics, League, Tournaments, or World Series, depending on when you play WCC.

  • Graphics

The graphics in the WCC game are amazing because they share a 3D resolution. You will notice that the textures are striking, the colors are intense, and the type of customization given to the players is fantastic. The realism that WCC has is top-notch, so you shouldn’t ignore this type of play.

  • Controls

While cricket can be tricky in real life, you may have a better experience with WCC. You can run, jump, throw the cricket ball and even play games with the controls at a glance. The control panel is very small so that you do not feel that it interferes with your mobile screen.

More than 80 percent of the screen is dedicated to gaming, while 20 percent is for controls. The screen settings are hidden to configure your game to your liking. 

  • Animations

Regarding the animations, you can see that many scenarios contain artificial intelligence. The fans celebrate victories, get upset about losses, or even fight when their team loses. As the game progresses, you will feel the players’ exhaustion, frustration, or even excitement.

  • Team edition

The last feature that WCC stands out for is that team editing is simple for you to play smoothly. You will have all the necessary adjustments to organize your equipment without major problems.

In case you want wwc 2 download, you will have to take into account the minimum requirements:

  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • An Android operating system version 4.1 or later.
  • At least 500 MB of storage space.

Real Cricket GO: features

Now is the time for you to learn about real cricket go and what makes online gaming stand out. With Real Cricket Go, you will be able to appreciate:

  • Various playing fields to play with your friends or with the bots and thus understand the game.
  • The game’s resolution is very good, so much so that you will be able to appreciate vivid colors, a very realistic environment, and constant action. The fans of the stadium work with artificial intelligence.
  • You can enter the Cricket tournaments and face more than 20 national or international teams.
  • You can change day or night game modes without interfering with the other player’s game or experience.
  • You can play in PvP or offline mode if you prefer.
  • The controls are simple, although, in the opinion of some users, they could be too large for their mobile screen, which takes their vision away.

Real Cricket Go 20

When you want to download real cricket™ goreal cricket go apk you will have to have some requirements:

  • Have at least 512 MB of RAM on your mobile phone.
  • The storage space must be greater than 100 MB.
  • You need to have a version of Android 4.4 or newer.

Opinions on real cricket 20 vs wcc2

If you are motivated to download real cricket or WCC 2, you may find it possible to read the opinions about the games beforehand. With World Cricket Championship 2, you will notice more positive comments than negative about the game. Fans feel the game has potential, offers great spin, and the reception from the community is immense.

On the other hand, real cricket has a cross reputation where negative comments outweigh positive ones. Many people complain about the game because of its performance, constant bugs, and connection failures. You can install the game and give your own opinion about it.


When looking for a sports game, you may need to focus on world cricket championship 2 for its features. The game is very new, has great support, and the quality of its graphics is its strongest point. You will appreciate that the game has a very active community ready to compete without fail.

You also have the freedom to use Real Cricket Go if you doubt its performance is clouded. This particular game has had a bad reputation that you may be demotivated to install it the moment you watch it. However, you have the latest opinion on which game is good for bringing out your best skills in cricket.

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