sniper 3d and gangstar vegas

Sniper 3d vs Gangstar vegas : which game is best?

You may consider yourself the number one fan of shooting games because you’ve spent more than half your life enjoying them. You may even be drawn to this type of violent video game because you want to belong to a police organization deep down. Regardless of why you look for shooting games on your mobile phone, you must know the best options.

Both sniper 3d and gangstar vegas mod apk are the most dominant shooting games on the App Store for you to take a look at. These games deliver an almost perfect 4.5 rating that you shouldn’t ignore for anything. But you may wonder which game is the best or why you should choose one over the other based on their characteristics.

For you to make a quick decision on which shooting game to choose, it is only fair that you know their differences in detail. After seeing each game’s things, you may make the right decision.


The category of shooting games increased its attraction almost a decade ago with favorites like Free Fire or even Gangstar Vegas. The game sweeps the action and shooter category on June 7, 2013, by distributor Gamelot. Since its launch, the game has been renewed from being available only for Android to IOS.

gangstar vegas

With Sniper 3D, you will have a newer version of the shooting game since it was released in 2014. This shooting game promised to replace other options in the category, and it may succeed based on your rating. You can play Sniper 3D from your Android or IOS mobile phone if you wish.


In comparing sniper 3d vs gangstar vegas, you might be interested to know the requirements that each game will demand of you. You should have a more or less powerful phone that helps you run the games smoothly because they require you to:

Sniper 3D

  • 1 GB of RAM
  • At least 2 GB of storage space (the app weighs 142 Mb in the App Store)
  • Android version 4.4 or later.

Gangstar vegas

  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 1 GB of storage space (the application weighs 50 Mb in the App Store)
  • Android version 5.0 or later.

You may notice a slight change in screen resolution, textures, or even the Gangstar Vegas gameplay. This game especially has better graphics, attracting hundreds of thousands of players worldwide.


Before you decide on gangstar vegas download, it is only fair that you know some characteristics of the video game:

  • It is a great role-playing game in which you can be the boss of a gang you have previously formed with your friends. With Gangstar Vegas, you will be able to face other groups in its PvP version that has no location restrictions.
  • You can play in solitaire mode and complete the TPS missions that will help you accumulate coins for improvements. However, if you try to go around the city yourself, you should be careful because some enemy could kill you.
  • The events are usually constant so that you do not feel that the shooter is monotonous after spending some time using it. You have to update the game at the right time to take advantage of the limited events on offer.
  • The gameplay in Gangstar Vegas is dynamic so that you have no problems trying to adapt to them. On the sides of your screen, you can have the option to walk, shoot, go stealthily, jump, and do other things.

While Gangstar Vega looks wonderful, you may also need to give Sniper 3D a shot after seeing its features. This shooting game could make you the perfect alternative to distracting yourself at home by:

sniper 3d

  • You can play in different modes such as campaign, arena competitions, team warfare, zombie nightmare, or challenges. The game has its open world where you can form a team or face the other players yourself.

– In campaign mode, you will have the freedom to complete various missions in more than 20 cities available in the game. Each city has its difficulty, maps, and objectives.

– With the arena competition mode, you will be able to face other players by p2p connection. You could show your friends how good you are as a sniper.

– If you choose the squad war mode, it will be possible for you to join a team, play with your friends and get together to defeat rivals. You can form up to five members from the same city or different territories.

– Every time you update the game or per week, you will have the option to participate in events where you will be awarded weapons, equipment, supplies, coins, etc.

If you need practice in shooting, you can use the field challenge mode. With this game mode, you will familiarize yourself with long and short weapons, grenades, etc.

  • Sniper 3D is a highly textured game with 3D graphics that will give you a great experience.
  • The game controls are intuitive so that you can easily adapt to them after a few minutes.
  • You can play online or offline if you have connection problems at home.
  • You can use sniper 3d hack to improve your experience as you progress through the game.
Game reputation

When you go to gangstar vegas apk download or sniper 3d game, you should be interested to see the reputation of each one. The game’s rating table is 4.5, but you can see a slight difference in the comments.

With Gangstar Vegas, you can see opinions of other players that the game is brilliant, fun, with good updates and attractive graphics. Among some criticisms, it needs touch in the multiplayer mode to make it more dynamic. However, it is a connection improvement rather than performance, which is why the game continues to attract more people.

Sniper 3D‘s reputation is at least 6 out of 10 positive comments despite the game’s developers working hard to give them improvements. Many people admit that the game has good performance, fancy graphics, and different game modes that give it originality. However, connection problems with sniper 3d mod apk are constant, causing people to lose their attraction.


You can appreciate that both Gangstar Vegas and Sniper 3D are very powerful shooting games that will help distract you. It is good that you spend a few minutes of your time trying each game, even knowing its strengths and weaknesses.

After you try both games, you may have an opinion on which one you consider best according to your tastes. In simple terms, you can see that Gangstar Vegas dominates the competition for performance and availability. But with Sniper 3D, you will have better graphics, different game modes, and a little easier gameplay.

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