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PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Month 9 Release Date

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a very popular Battle Royale video game created in 1992 where you have to fight with other players until there is only one winner left. It is a game that has been developed by PUBG Studios and currently has a mobile version so that you can take it anywhere.

100 players must fight with different strategies and weapons until only one group is standing. They use various accessories, vehicles, and equipment to survive and enjoy a modern and fun space throughout the game.

To enjoy this game on your mobile phone, you can download it free through the Play Store. It is convenient and simple for people who do not have a video game console. The game has more than 50 million active users every day, making it one of the most popular games ever.


Below you can learn much more about this charming battle video game.

How does PUBG work?

In Pubg mobile, you must play with 99 other players who will parachute onto an island. When you land, you will need to search for weapons, ammunition, accessories, and other supplies so that they can begin combat. It is a game with modern graphics with a classic configuration where you have to search for resources and eliminate competitors.

Although the graphics have been reduced from the PC or console version, the mobile version is just as impressive. Players can enter the game alone or in groups. The last person or group left alive will be the winner of the game.

The game offers you different control options for your convenience and to avoid looking for buttons that you will not be able to find by touch. It has a floating fire button to move to where you last touched your thumb.

In addition, all equipment or items are classified and collected automatically to avoid menu management. As mentioned above, the mobile version of this game has almost all the features of the PC version.

It offers the Erangel map, a desert island of 8 km x 8 km. In addition, all branches and vehicles of their original version are also available in the mobile version.

PUBG for mobile devices offers you the same game elements for PC and video game consoles. The only difference is that the controls are on the screen, and these can be customized to adapt them to your phone screen.

Additionally, you can also change the controls for driving the vehicles.

PUBG video game main features

The special features of this game are:

  • Ultra-realistic graphics

Pubg mobile lite offers you modern and realistic graphics to enhance your gaming experience. All the images go beyond the traditional graphics of online games, where you can have a fun and entertaining time.

It features a modern and sophisticated Global Illumination technology system that enables it to deliver ultra-realistic graphics that exceed the capabilities of today’s mobile graphics. In addition, it offers you a larger and open battlefield with an impressive level of realism that always sets you apart from the competition.

On the other hand, Vulkan (API) allows you to provide a more stable service with improved optimization and performance.

  • Amazing personals

PUBG has 100 players who can fight with different vehicles, weapons, accessories, and strategies to win the game.

  • The gameplay is incredible

The gameplay in PUBG is excellent and smooth, although players with higher-end devices and larger screens will have a better experience. There are different graphics settings that you can use, and in addition, the game will select one automatically. If you want to improve your gaming experience, you will need to turn up the volume and brightness.

  • More real and efficient shootings

This mobile version will allow you to enjoy more real and dynamic combats and shootings that will improve your gaming experience. It will allow you to customize your weapons and adapt them to your strategies and needs to help you be victorious in each fight.

  • Performance

It lacks some attractions of the PC version, such as particle effects and lighting. The resolution and texture can be a little lower to avoid being too burdensome for your mobile device.

  • New generation interactive action

Pubg mobile India will call drones, dodge, and request support. These are some of the original mechanics that the mobile version offers you and will improve your gaming experience. In addition, they offer you an exciting style that will be achieved through different objectives that can turn the tables to help you in the game.

  • Customize your game

Pubg New State allows you to customize your game to be more engaging and fun. Thanks to the improvements and updates, you will be able to customize your weapons and thus, be able to adapt them to your needs and fighting strategies. In addition, it has a system of unique accessories that are exclusive to the PUBG mobile version.

  • New factions

New features have come out with the mobile version differentiating it from the original PUBG. It is a way to improve the game and evolve to make it more attractive to players and improve the gaming experience. They have worked hard to make it a unique and novel battlefield that differs from other Battle Royale-type games.

  • Vehicles offer you a better gaming experience

In their mobile version, vehicles tend to have a better combat experience because they are easier to lose. All vehicles can easily circulate the perimeter, and you can easily catch people until the end of the game.

  • You will receive rewards

BGMI Gameplay

The game can be downloaded for free through the Play Store and has an in-game reward system to earn you coins. You will be rewarded for completing various challenges, participating, logging in every day, surviving a particular period, or traveling a specified distance.

These coins can be used to buy in-game items, accessories, clothing, and masks.

  • New experience for mobile devices

PUBG allows you to start a new experience because it is available for mobile devices. You must have an Android 6.0 or higher operating system and a 64-bit processor (ABI arm64 or higher) to download it. Also, your mobile phone must have 2GB RAM or higher with Open GL 3.1 or higher / Vulkan 1.1 or higher.


With Pubg mobile download, you can have a fun and entertaining time from your mobile phone. You don’t need to be an expert to start your adventure in this fantastic world of battles, and you will quickly get used to the controls of the game.

You will have a more comfortable and relaxed gaming experience where your fight will be less tense, and it will surely come to an end. It’s fun, and you can take your favorite game anywhere you go and feel more relaxed.

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