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What Is the Purpose of Microsoft Windows?

It may be that at this very moment, you are using a computer or laptop with the Windows operating system without any idea of ​​how important it is. Sometimes you can use an object or a program that you have not the remotest idea of ​​how it was born. However, you should know about Microsoft Windows and how this gem of internet technology came to be.

Microsoft is a fundamental piece in developing the entire internet, computer technology, and web development. The company showed a solution beyond the books used today through its operating systems. With more than two decades underway, it is good that you know everything about the operating system so that you can give it the importance it deserves.

Revolution Windows

Microsoft’s history and operating systems are very interesting because it dates back to 1985. You will discover how a small dream became a program that opened the doors to thousands of technological solutions. On the other hand, you will know how many operating systems have evolved from version 1.0 to Windows 11, released in October 2021.

What is Windows?

Microsoft Windows, or simply Windows, is an optical interconnection operating system that Microsoft Corporation released. The distribution company started in 1975 and is dedicated to developing utility software such as operating systems. Microsoft gained fame in the 1980s with the release of OS/2, which would correspond to the name of the original operating system.

Based on the developments of OS/2, the technology company decided to launch the first series of Windows on November 20, 1985. This launch was shocking because Windows was competing with the technology giant Apple, which, as expected, lost due to a lack of several functions. However, Microsoft did not give up after the failed release of Windows 1.0 and decided to optimize the operating system with version 2.0.

With a version of the operating system without bugs, Windows won the approval of many technology experts, which helped the brand. Today, with more than 30 years since Windows 1.0 came out, the Microsoft company is one of the most competitive in the market together with Apple.

What is an Operative System?

You may need to know an operating system in-depth to give it the value you need. An operating system is an information service that connects the user and the computer. You must understand that a computer is just a machine that acts on commands, and operating systems facilitate that action.

Operating systems are also responsible for ordering all the elements that make up a computer. These technological devices would not work without an operating system, and, failing that, Windows would not work without a computer.

There are two types of operating systems that you may have inadvertently used, and they are:

  • Dedicated operating system.

Dedicated operating systems are the ones you usually control at home for your personal use. These servers store your virtual documents and do various tasks without worrying about leaked information.

  • Multiple operating systems.

They are operating systems that most companies use to do their work under a single scheme. They also refer to these servers as shared operating systems.

Windows developments

You must remember that Windows is an operating system with more than 30 years of experience providing the best solutions to its customers. Therefore, it is good to see the developments of the operating system from version 1.0 to the current one.

  • In 1985, the first version of the Windows 1.0 came out. It was a simple server with a 16-bit graphical program. Windows 1.0 supported 320 kb of RAM, integrated graphics card, and floppy drive support.
  • In 1987, Microsoft Corporation released Windows 2.0 with the same 16-bit graphics program and various work programs such as Microsoft Word. This second version of Windows was very popular.
  • By 1990, the technology company decided to release Windows 3.0, which promised to solve the common errors in its previous versions. It was one of the complete operating systems of the decade. It required 384 kb RAM and a 10 MB hard disk to work.
  • In June 1993, Windows NT or Windows 3.1 was announced to allow multitasking.
  • By 1995, Windows 95 came out, offering a complete user interface with a rate of 32 bits. This operating system is also linked to USB drives for the first time.
  • In 1998, Windows 98 came out with a hybrid version of 16 and another of 32 bits. The operating system required a computer with 16 MB of RAM.
  • For 2000, Windows 2000 was born in five different versions that stood out for some tools. The operating system was added a hibernation feature, managed user accounts, and a broader multi-language system. That same year, Windows Me was also released, a portable version of the previous operating system.
  • In 2001, the most popular Windows operating system arrived. It was W-XP. This operating system was perfectly suited for gaming, light, secure, and packed with features.
  • For 2007, the arrival of Windows Vista was announced, which was not as good as its previous version, but it did bring several useful tools.
  • In 2009, Windows 7 arrived in five versions: standard, home basic, home Premium, home professional, and ultimate.
  • Between 2012 and 2013, Windows 8 and 8.1 arrived with the most advanced multitasking option for the company.
  • In 2015, Windows 10 was released with impressive support and several options from the start option.

The latest operating system released by Microsoft Windows is called “Windows 11”. This operating system offers a dynamic interface, several integrated services, and optimized tactical system, security, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Windows

Windows has been one of the most representative computers systems with several years of experience. During this time, the company that manages it has offered a very easy program for programmers and other enthusiasts. You also have an operating system compatible with almost all existing computers, both old and new versions.

However, the adoption of this operating system can also bring conflicts such as the purchase price and trust. It is an operating system reported for various bugs that affect the user experience. But you have the final decision to use Windows or not. You must remember that there is also Apple and Linux.


Knowing the history of Windows is like entering the history of the internet, where you will know how much impact the operating system has generated. It’s good to discover how important Windows is to the technology market and its evolution over the years. All versions of the operating system provided a refreshing solution and are therefore remembered with joy.

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