Everything you need to know about Google Pay

If you want to adapt to the new online payment systems, you may find it useful to know about Google Pay. This unique Google payment method has crossed borders allowing thousands of people to become familiar with it. However, misinformation about Google Pay still exists, and you may be on that list of people who have not yet adapted to the system.

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It’s time for you to know exactly what Google Pay is, how the application is characterized and how you can have it on your device. You should also know how to properly use Google Pay to get the most out of your home. After you have a notion about the payment method, you can use it in your online business or venture.

Google Pay: What is it?

Google Pay corresponds to the name of an application dedicated to digital payments linked to UPI technology. In a nutshell, Google Pay allows you to make instant payments using your mobile device, tablet, or laptop. The application was launched in 2017. It has been an innovation for thousands of people.

The app resembles great tools like Phonepe and Bhim, but the only difference is that it accepts many Indian and foreign banks. Another number of people compare Google Pay with Mobiwiki or PayTM, but the reality is that both Apps are wallets, and Google Pay is an App API. You may use the Google App using your Android or iPhone device.

The app was developed in India and is currently only limited to the country, even though it supports seven languages. Google Pay has had various updates to its system to improve the user experience. For automatic payment processing, the company has partnered with big names like Lava, Xolo, Micromax, Nokia, and even Panasonic.

What makes Google Pay stand out?

Google Pay is a unique application that you as a citizen in India should not ignore for anything. This app stands out for offering the best payment tool you need as an internet business owner. The options with which Google Pay stands out are:

  • Registration by OTP.

With Google Pay, you will have the ease of registering through OTP technology, in which you will only be asked for your phone number. After registering in the app, you only link your bank account to receive or send the money.

  • Security 24/7

Google Pay offers you security support that will cover 24 hours a day for the whole week. You will not suffer from theft of funds or system errors that affect money transfer.

  • Payments with QR.

If you prioritize Google Pay, you will enjoy QR code payments to scan the recipient’s account. You could also receive the funds through QR scanning.

  • Transaction history.

So that you can give control to your transactions, the Google application will show you a complete history. You can know how much money you received and how much you sent in a period greater than 30 days.

  • No fees.

Google Pay will not charge you a penny until you exceed the range of 50 thousand Indian rupees. This means that you will use the app without paying transaction fees until you meet that limit.

  • UPI transactions.

The main element of Google Pay is the UPI transactions, where you will automatically transfer to other bank accounts. However, it would help if you understood that these transactions only apply to Google Pay users.

  • Bank transactions.

You can also send or receive your money with Google Pay using traditional banking transactions. The time these transactions are made effective will depend on the bank and a business day.

How to use Google Pay

Now that you understand what Google Pay is and the characteristics that represent it, you will be interested in knowing how to use it. You have to comply with some steps to use the application correctly:


Step 1: Download the app.

The first thing you need to do to use Google Pay is download and install the app on your device. You can directly go to the Android or IOS Play Store to download the mobile application.

Step 2: Confirm your identity.

After installing the app on your device, you will need to open it to create an account. You have to indicate your telephone number that you will eventually have to verify in the registration. This verification process could take a couple of hours and depends solely on the support provided by Google in India.

Step 3: Set up the account in Google Pay.

After you have your phone number verified, you will have to set up the account in Google Pay. You must indicate your bank account number to receive or send your money.

Step 4: Set up the payment UPI.

To take advantage of the true function of Google Pay that is payments in UPI, you will have to configure the option. You have to link the bank account you have previously registered in the profile and wait for verification.

If you have any questions about the Google payment system, you can solve them with the activity provider. You only have to enter the online chat found in the App settings to speak with the support.

Can you make money with Google Pay?

Even if you question it, you have to adapt to the payment system if it is possible to earn money using Google Pay. This ease of obtaining extra money with the payment App will allow you to use it daily without problems. The simplest ways you can generate income with Google Pay are:

  1. With invitations.

When you have your account verified in Google Pay, you can use the referral option to earn money. You have to invite your closest friends to use Google Pay through the link you have sent them. Earnings can be up to Rs 9 lakhs, making it a tempting offer.

  1. In the contests every weekend.

Every weekend Google Pay offers rewards to users dedicated to using the payment system. These offers can range from 5 thousand rupees to 10 thousand rupees you have to think optimistically to attract good results.

  1. With scrapers.

Google Pay also understands scratches fans, and that is why it offers scratch cards for its users. You have to stay updated with the app to send the free card to your email.

Google Pay: Is it a good option?

By now, you may still be wondering if Google Pay is a good payment option in India. If you look at the reputation that the app has generated over the years, you will notice a profitable alternative. Google Pay has enough credibility to encourage you to use it every day in your business.

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