EarnKaro is India’s first Social Cashback app. Sounds cool, right? Earn Cashback by being social.


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You can simply turn e-commerce links into EarnKaro links, and then share them on your social channels. When someone shops via your link, you earn ‘Profit’ in the form of real cash. All your EarnKaro Profit can actually be transferred to your bank account. With the upcoming Sales coming up, EarnKaro is a great way to share recommendations with your social network, and earn money every time they shop!

There are two primary ways any registered EarnKaro member could earn money:
1. Via sharing deals from e-commerce websites. These are efficiently showcased on EarnKaro’s app and website
2. Via creating your own custom link. Here, influencers or anyone can create their own custom product link to share and recommend

EarnKaro is an easy way for students, housewives and resellers to earn money. A lot of influencers are also using EarnKaro to monetize their product recommendations and networks.

In current times, EarnKaro is a boon for people who want to earn extra income while working from the comfort and safety of their homes. Download EarnKaro app, because with EarnKaro #KamaiPakkiHai.

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