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If you feel like you need a great game to challenge your skills, you might reconsider installing Subway Surfers. This game for Android meets all the characteristics that you require to consider it the best and have excellent effects. You can check out the game by entering the runner list and temple run 2, Sonic Dash, Blades of Brim, among other favorites.

Subway Surfers Latest Version

The Subway Surfers game covers Jake’s life, a graffiti artist dedicated to creating his pieces at the train station. However, this profession often annoys the guards at the facility, who often persecute them to incarcerate them. Jake runs without looking back to avoid falling into prison so he can have one more day to work on his art.

You, as a player, will have the opportunity to feel the same adrenaline as Jake when trying to avoid various obstacles in the game. Jake will jump on the train tracks, collect coins, avoid being run over by the train, and even take a trampoline to reach new levels.

Game Details

With the subway surfers game, you will have an Android device version 4.4 or later. At a minimum, your mobile phone should have 173 megabytes of available space, not counting an extra 100 MB of space for updates. The game was created by SYBO Games in 2012, which curiously made the game runners Blades of Brim for 2015.

You do not need a good internet connection to play Subway Surfers, but only time is available. As the game is offline, you only have to worry about your surroundings to enjoy it.

The best thing about Subway surfers is that you can play for hours and not feel even the slightest boredom because each meter you overcome brings you something new.

Objectives of the game

The game’s main objective is to get Jake rid of the train guard through the tracks. You will have to adapt to the character’s movements to jump over obstacles or avoid them. The game allows you to jump, roll on the floor, or jump right or left on the train tracks.

You will have to collect coins used to improve your character and make purchases throughout the game. With these coins, you will acquire skateboards, backpacks, and other useful elements to get along in the game.

So that you can play the subway surfers mod apk with a clear objective, you can display the option of “missions.” You will have to fulfill each of the points to get extra coins or a unique objective. There are many missions where you will have to complete a travel record, store coins, or even evade a certain number of trains.

You can also enjoy the “daily Challenge” option, where you will be forced to collect some letters in the game. For each letter you collect, you will have the opportunity to form a word that, after completing, you will be given a reward. It is very easy to collect the letters in the game; you will only search among the train cars or on the track.

For each day that you connect to play Subway Surfers, you will be given a reward, and on the fifth day of connection, a mystery box will be presented simultaneously. You can get coins, skateboards, costumes, or other items that will benefit your character in these boxes.

Tricks in Subway Surfers

When you are encouraged to participate in the subway surfers‘ online game, you may need a little help not to make the game tedious. As a video game lover, you will need to consider some tips to help you move quickly on the map. With Subway Surfers, you can consider the following tricks:

  • Stay in the highlands for a long time

Subway Surfers allow you to easily jump through the air by climbing train cars or wearing magic boots. Regardless of how you manage to get up in the air in the game, you will have to try to stay there. If you give priority to the upper part of the game, you can have more coins, mystery boxes, skateboards, etc.

In the upper part of the game, you will also avoid obstacles, making it possible for you to reach new records. You can be at the top free-form or on a roofed area if you’re lucky.

  • Collect all the coins

Another hack subway surfers that could work for you to succeed in the tour is to collect all the coins. However, the game could complicate this goal because you must avoid all obstacles. To collect a good amount of coins in the game, you will need to collect magnets and jetpack backpacks.

Both elements will allow all the coins to reach the character without needing to be in the same lane. With these extra coins, you will advance faster in the game, which is a good option if you want to dominate with Jake on the rails.

  • Save the keys

As you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to collect keys by opening boxes or completing missions. These keys will allow you to upgrade your character, which interferes with its duration by running down the train tracks.

  • Focus on missions

You have to play Subway Surfers in free mode to collect coins, but you should also complete missions. You have to break down the “missions” section to determine the game’s objectives. You can also combine the “missions” option with your connection to Facebook to access other objectives.

Game graphics

Subway surfers online offer some very attractive graphics to see a shower of colors. Jake, who would correspond to the main character, has good clothing that does not deform as he runs. You will not observe bugs or glitches in the image no matter how fast you go on the tour.

The color of gold coins or other objects is attractive, indicating that you need to possess them. The game has many details on the map to appreciate the posts inside each train station.

Although the graphics in Subway Surfers are impressive, they do not demand a large processor on your device. You also must not have more than 1GB of RAM on your phone to use the game.

The reputation of Subway Surfers

With almost a decade of development of subway surfers apk has a very high reputation of 4.5 stars in the App Store. Many players comment that the game is perfect has good colors and is extremely fun. Some users may complain about the latest game updates because they come with bugs, but these are usually fixed with new patches.


If you want a fun, colorful game with thousands of missions to complete, you should turn to Subway Surfers today. You don’t have to waste your time on low-quality games and play one that has been around for more than nine years.

Subway Surfers will allow you to feel a lot of adrenaline knowing that a guard is chasing you on the train tracks for doing graffiti. But it is in your power to avoid being caught by evading the three, jumping on the wagons, or even taking a skateboard that will take you to heaven.

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