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GTA vice city, or as we all commonly know it, Grand theft auto vice city. It has been quite a popular game among teenagers and older people. Not only for the ease of finding it but also for its graphics and the creative dynamism it has presented.

This game is quite striking since you can have fun and entertain yourself in many ways by playing it freely or by completing several missions that it brings you. The game is from the action/adventure genre and the third-person open world. This one comes in fourth position from GTA games.

GTA Vice City for Free

GTA Vice City History

GTA Vice City is so entertaining because it tells you the story of the protagonist named Tommy Vercetti. However, the plan was worked out by the highest bully named Sony. The plot of this one is quite entertaining and, above all, quite exciting for every detail it has.

The graphics of this format of Grand theft auto vice city is quite impressive, and the best thing is that these are quite entertaining for all the teenagers who have joined to play this video game. This game was released and distributed by Rockstar North.

Vice City can be used on different devices, although it was released in a format used only on PlayStation consoles and Xbox consoles. But over time, as the game was in great demand and widely accepted by the public, they decided to innovate and make it available to be played from other media.

This is why you from any device that is in its maximum range. You can look for a platform that offers you great ease to find Gta vice city apk download format. Of course, you can find the version that seems best to you and choose in the best of cases which of the GTA games saga will serve you for your enjoyment.

Conditions to have GTA Vice City on your mobile

If you want to relive old memories and use GTA Vice City on your mobile, you may need to meet a couple of conditions:

  • Buy the App for 4.99 in the Google Play Store.
  • Have an Android phone with version 7.0 or later.
  • Have more than 2.5 GB of storage space on your mobile phone.
  • Have 1 GB of RAM, although you must have 2 GB of RAM to improve performance.
  • Have a mobile phone with a snapdragon 662 processor.
  • Good internet connection for multiplayer mode.

Although many people have attested that this game is very creative and dynamic, it is not suitable for children under 14. Controlling the Gta vice city game is very easy, although that will always depend on how you are using it or simply from which device you are playing this.

Details in GTA Vice City

You may convince yourself that Grand theft auto vice city is your best option for mobile by looking at some details of the App. The game honors the pc version, showing remastered graphics and simpler controls. Other highlights of GTA Vice City are:

  • Intuitive gameplay

The developers understand that GTA Vice City for mobile could be more complicated than its pc version. Therefore they offer intuitive gameplay. You can see artificial intelligence in action by watching Tommy naturally aim at the target. On the other hand, the AI ​​in the game allows the camera to focus on the most relevant points and not on alternate areas.

With this intuitive game mode, you can have a perfect gaming experience because several options will adjust themselves. The game was perfectly developed to not suffer from bugs or other failures in your system.

  • Good vision

The game’s vision is 80 percent, where only 20% is taken for the life bar, map, and controls. You can take advantage of the 6.6 inches your mobile device has to play vice city.

  • Controls in a good position

The controls are at the bottom of the screen, where you can see the movements on the left side. On the right side, you can jump and shoot if you prefer.

  • Subtle graphics

The Vice City Mobile game was created to honor the pc version but not make a new version. Therefore the developers preferred to use subtle graphics that do not affect the player experience. You can continue to see the character with pixelated graphics that will make you remember the mobile version.

In GTA Vice City, can I use cheats?

After viewing the details of the game, you may wonder if you still have access to gta vice cheats to use in your profile. With this mobile version, you will not add tricks that help you have cars, money, more life, or even an airplane. You will have the opportunity to play GTA Vice City in its original version without cheats which could affect the time you beat the story mode.

As a reward for removing cheats in the game, you will have the option to play multiplayer with other connected people. With this p2p mode, you can create a team to walk the streets of the saints and make a real catastrophe.


For gta vice city apk download, you only need motivation and a small amount of money to pay for the Android version. The game comes fully loaded with some good remastized graphics with which you can have a good experience. GTA Vice City Mobile will allow you to relive old memories of the official PC game but in a more portable version.

The game has a good reputation in the Google Play Store, where many players highlight that Gta vice city apk is perfect. You could look at how the game works right now and give your opinion on it.

Vice City Gameplay

As for the game controls, you will have a good experience because they are ideally located. You can move your character on the left side while performing some actions on the right side. The game also has a predictive system that will help you navigate easily on the map.

However, to appreciate and enjoy GTA Vice City, it is only fair to have a good mobile device. You should worry about having a phone with 2GB of RAM and, of course, a good processor. After meeting both conditions, you only have to download and install the mobile application.

GTA Vice City enters the list of the best action and adventure games for mobile phones, so you should try and use it. You can play offline and online if you want to make a real mess in the city of Los Santos.

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