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You may consider yourself a big fan of puzzle or match-three games, and if this is the case, you will be attracted to knowing in-depth about Candy Crush Saga.

This may not be the first time you have heard of the game, considering it has been more than nine years since its launch. Candy Crush has gone from being an occasional game to a priority among Android device players due to its fun.

Candy Crush Free

With Candy Crush, you will be able to release tension, exercise your mind, and develop various logic skills. After playing Candy Crush, you can make your free hours at work or total home fun.

Candy Crush game

The King company developed the candy crush game in 2012 as Puzzles to compete with games like FarmVille. This video game is available for Android, Apple, Windows, Mac, and you can even enjoy it on Facebook.

Candy Crush has served as the inspiration for favorites like Candy Crush Soda, Candy Crush Friends, Candy Crush Jelly, etc.

The game has a candy theme where you can link three candies of the same color or destroy them with a truffle. You will enjoy the game without needing an internet connection, avoiding some limits. Candy Crush has been classified as one of the most addictive Android games because each level plans a new challenge for you.

Game play in Candy Crush

If you are motivated to candy crush game download, you may know some details of its playability. With Candy Crush, you will have to combine the candies by colors to empty the entire screen. Sometimes you will have to do some combinations to beat the level or even destroy a specific type of Candy.

It’s no wonder that as you beat the levels in the game, you feel the urge to buy some candy. The colors of the sweets are so real that they can make you crave to taste the Candy. You will be able to appreciate the candies in yellow, blue, orange, green, or even grated with two colors.

Game requirements

Like any Android game, you will have to have a device that meets the requirements demanded by Candy Crush, such as:

  • Have an Android device with version 4.4 or later / have an Apple device with IOS 9 or later.
  • At least 300 MB of storage space.
  • 256 MB of RAM.

Game rating

Long before you are motivated to download and install Candy Crush on your device, you may like to know their assessment. Since its launch, the game has been on a hot streak, scoring 4.6 / 5 stars on Google Play. Candy Crush players at Apple have rated it 4.7 stars.

Tips to fast forward in Candy Crush

Candy crush saga stands out for having an infinite number of levels that very few gamers have managed to overcome to date. But the reality is that the game was created with 7,235 levels in total, more than 70 different maps, and four types of levels.

However, the game reaches a point where the levels become almost impossible to beat, and this is where you should turn to the tips.

  • Smash the candies on the bottom

Creating the matches at the bottom of the panel at each level will slightly help you overcome it. This is because most of the patterns will be located in the middle part and descending. You should try to avoid meeting the patterns at the top unless you want to miss out on the win.

  • Not all suggestions are good

 Although the game has the option of suggestions that serve to give you that boost when you feel trapped, they may not always be good. You can consider each suggestion, so you don’t lose the game to avoidable.

  • Think about future movements

So that you can look like a professional in the candy crush saga, it would be fair to think about future movements. You should establish yourself as a rule of thumb to think of 3 future moves to help you pass the level. As the game does not have a time limit for you to overcome the level, you can take that moment to analyze each movement.

  • Take advantage of the special sweets

You have to take advantage of the explosion generated after combining three candies of the same color and other alternatives. If you collect more than five sweets of the same color, you will have the opportunity to create a special candy. These special candies can generate a bigger blast that will help you quickly get through the game.

  • Don’t forget the combos

You can make combos with chocolates and other elements with special candies. These combos will allow more patterns to fill on the panel to complete the level.

  • Learn to use grated candies.

You must be aware of the direction the grated candies take, either horizontally or vertically. When you combine the grated candies with traditional colors, it will have the opportunity to generate a good explosion. If the Candy is horizontal, the explosion will follow that line. The same happens when it is vertically.

  • Don’t ignore the jelly on the edges

You should know that it is very difficult to create a pattern with the elements at the edges of the panel unless it is a jelly. With the jellies, you will have the opportunity to remove all the Candy on the edges that are difficult to touch.

  • Avoid throwing ingredients to the edges

If you want to advance in Candy Crush, you must demand that your gameplay avoid throwing ingredients to the edges. You should toss the ingredients to the bottom of the panel to remove them.

  • Use the chocolate

With candy crush mod apk, one of the most powerful sweets is chocolate, and you should use it at the right time. When you have an ingredient on the edges, you can move the chocolates to explore them. This piece will allow you to give a new direction to your game even though you already gave it up for lost.


You may be motivated by the candy crush download, considering it is one of the most representative puzzle games. You will make a great decision to have Candy Crush on your Android, IOS device and even linked to your Facebook profile. You can release tension, have fun, and even crave some sweets with the game.

Candy crush is perfect for exercising your mind for a few hours a day, although as you progress through the level, you will feel that the game gets complicated. For this reason, it is only fair that you take into account the best tips to advance in the game and complete the more than 7000 levels that complement it.

After you beat the final level of Candy Crush Saga, don’t forget that you have several alternate boards from the franchise.

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