You may have heard of CorelDraw as one of the leading design software on several occasions. However, you may have a couple of doubts about the program and why it gains so much prestige in the graphic design industry. It is time for you to know in detail about the software and how you can use it properly on your computer.

Install CorelDraw

CorelDraw is the most requested design program by the main ones, so you should know about it. Using this software, you will enter the world of design, and it will even help you develop professional pieces. The software competes with big companies like Adobe’s Illustrator, although it has big differences in its usefulness.

CorelDraw: design software for beginners

Before e-commerce reached its peak in the marketplace, there were company graphic designers. Many of these design and illustration professionals used and now dare to use CorelDraw. The software would correspond to one of the brightest in design that has been in operation for almost four years.

CorelDraw was released in 2018 by the Corel Corporation company, Canadian origins. The software falls into the category of graphics editor using vectors that will facilitate the work of the graphic designer. With Corel, you could create logos, fonts, animations, and even edit photos like a pro.

The design software shares a great list of tools for the professional graphic designer to feel comfortable with:

  • CorelDraw for web design and vector illustration.
  • Corel Photo-paint for photo editing.
  • Corel Capture as a tool for screenshots.
  • Corel After shot for editing photos in RAW format.
  • Corel Font Manager for font management.
  • Corel Connect, with which you can search for exclusive content.
  • Corel Power Trace for managing bits in the vector.

Each of these tools is installed in a CorelDraw package that you can pay for and download to your computer. The tools are easy to use, and in case of doubt, you can view an instructional guide.

Reasons to use CorelDraw as your design software

If you want to get fully involved in the world of graphic design, you will undoubtedly need an exclusive program. CorelDraw could meet every goal you have in mind because:

  • The software will help you develop any design that comes out of your mind, or you want to trace from a sheet. You will have access to various applications used by professionals in graphic design.
  • If you feel that you have much creativity, CorelDraw may give you a hand by trying to reflect it on paper. Corel offers a series of intuitive tools to help you develop the project as you want it.
  • CorelDraw doesn’t slow you down at work, so you’ll find it to be productive software. You won’t waste a minute of your time using the program to make a great design.
  • The software accommodates a couple of functions that the designer currently needs in his work. With Corel, you will correctly use the tips, lines, colors, and special elements included in your tool.
  • Corel has a simple interface that you as a beginner can understand in a few hours. You will have a basic description of each visible tool to run it as you progress through the project.

For many design enthusiasts, CorelDraw is the perfect alternative for designing without as many problems as that generated by Adobe Illustrator. However, it would help if you recognized that Adobe software is more complete and dynamic.

How do I learn to use CorelDraw?

To use CorelDraw correctly, you will need to know the basics of the drawing program. Corel stands out for offering a simple interface that lists most of its tools at the top. Some key points about CorelDraw that a beginner should keep in mind include:

  • The panel

The panel is nothing more than the area where you will work in the program, and it is what occupies a large size in the interface. In this panel, you can place lines, points, figures, and other elements that will be available.

  • Pen

To start with the design in CorelDraw, you have to adapt to the pen that you will link with your graphics tablet. With the pen, you have the freedom to draw whatever you have in mind. The feather can be very thick, thin, and colorful if it fits your design.

  • Vector.

If you don’t have a graphics tablet for designers, you can do your project in CorelDraw with vectors. This item will allow you to join the lines using your computer mouse. Vectors can be straight or curved.

  • Figures.

You can also use shapes to make your design a bit easier. Corel offers you a wide bar of figures to appreciate the simplest shapes, such as the circle or the rectangle.

  • Paint pot.

One last tool that you should learn to use in CorelDraw is the paint bucket because it is in charge of bringing your project to life. Although you have learned to master the pen or vectors to make the design, you may lack the color. With the paint pot, you can give character to your design. It will serve to combine colors, give them shadows, etc.

Advantages of using CorelDraw

If you dare to use CorelDraw at this very moment, you will probably benefit from a couple of advantages, such as:

Use of CorelDraw

  • The software links to various formats.

With CorelDraw, you won’t feel limited when running a project brought from Illustrator or other programs. The software is linkable to various formats, no matter they are dedicated to adobe.

  • Coreldraw works with vectors and pens.

The design program allows you to choose between the pens with the graphic card and the vectors with the mouse. With this facility, you will create a design without feeling limited to anything.

  • It is adjustable software.

CorelDraw fits perfectly on your computer or laptop screen, so you will have the best experience using it. The software allows you to decrease the size of its interface if you want to do other tasks simultaneously.

  • CorelDraw is multilanguage.

With Corel, you won’t feel limited by language because the software is programmed in more than 100 languages. You only have to search for your native language so that the interface adapts to it.

  • The software works on any operating system.

Corel works on any operating system that your computer or laptop has so that you can install it freely. However, you have to meet the minimum requirements that the web provider will require to use it.

Minimum requirements to use CorelDraw

  • You will need at least 4 GB of RAM.
  • 4 GB of storage space.
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or Windows 10.
  • Integrated graphics card.
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