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At the moment, there is a great demand for video games. Of course, all have been more distinctive than others. However, the most common games with much more demand have been battle games like Call of Duty.

Call of duty is inspired by a very old game called counter strike 1.6. Although it is inspired, it is also very similar to it. You can see that both games are similar in weapons, game modes, and objectives to be met. However, COD has a very addictive story mode while Counter-Strike only has a battle mode.

Call of Duty OPS

COD series start

Call of Duty, known for its acronym COD, is a first-person game that fulfills a fairly simple story. The official version of the game released in 2003 made history in the Second World War where you had to control a soldier. This first version was a success, and from this, the entire COD franchise arose up to the mobile version.

 This makes the game look a bit more realistic and clearer than a lot more creative than traditional games. Activision has distributed this game. A very recognized brand with a great high in video games.

Call of Duty mobile version

Call of duty mobile comes to Android devices for 2019 through a partnership between Activision, Tencent Holdings, and Garena. In months after the launch of the mobile version for Android, the IOS version came out, which is currently a success. The game completely changes its story and multiplayer mode but retains some characteristic features that you will appreciate because it will remind you of the official version of COD.

This game has a great setting and especially the dynamics that it has. This is designed as if you were participating in the Second World War. But of course, with more modern touches that are much more striking for the enjoyment of all users.

Requirements to play COD: Mobile

Since its first appearance in the world of video games, Call of duty has stood out for demanding the best in processors to support the game. In the mobile version, there are no exceptions in the requirements that it asks where you will have to have a phone that covers:

  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • Snapdragon 62 processor with 2 GHz.
  • At least 2 GB of storage space.
  • Android version 4.3 or later / IOS 10.0 or later.
  • Good internet connection for multiplayer mode.

Graphics in-game

All Call of Duty Games offers good graphics performance, and the mobile version is not far behind, so it requires a good processor. The game developers worked in detail on the map’s setting, the texture of the weapons, sounds, etc. You will appreciate that the game has many details that, in a certain way, improve your experience when using it on mobile.

With a good Snapdragon processor in your device, it will be possible to enjoy all the details in the game without fear of overheating. The fps remains stable, reaching 30 to 100 ms depending on how good your device is. It is essential to know that RAM also interferes with the graphics, so it is essential to have at least 2 GB.

The game has had several corrections in its graphics because bugs often appear in some updates. But it is something that you should not be afraid of because the game support remains active, waiting for the report to fix it.

COD Gameplay: Mobile

The gameplay in the Call of duty mobile Gameplay is simple. As long as you have experience in the COD series, otherwise, it will be easy for you to understand. You will have the command controls to move the character, shoot, crouch, or reload the weapon on the right side. You will appreciate how many bullets are left in the chamber of the weapon, grenades or if you have another weapon at your disposal.

COD Gamepaly

The game controls do not interfere with the view of the map so that you will have more than 80 percent of the screen useful. You can also modify the game controls to be visible to the naked eye on the screen.

In-game reputation

COD: Mobile has a reputation spanning the 4.4 out of 5 stars that many games on the Google Play Store are based on. This game competes with classics like Free Fire and PUBG Mobile, although many players argue that Call of duty is better. You do not have to pay a penny to download the game on your mobile phone. You have to have time to appreciate it.

Most representative characteristics in COD: Mobile

Long before Call of duty download, you can see the features that make the game unique. As a fan of the COD series, you may replace the game on its PC with the mobile version by showing these options:

  • Various game modes

With COD: Mobile, you can play in five different game modes such as search, destroy, domain, team, and front line. In each section of the game, you will have to fulfill the interface’s objective by yourself or with friends. You can play COD: Mobile in offline mode if you lack a good internet or online mode to play with your friends.

  • Very dynamic games

The games in COD are usually dynamic because they show you a good fusion of the character’s graphics, sounds, and movements. If you choose the multiplayer mode with a p2p connection between people from different places, a game can last 20 minutes. On the other hand, if you decide to play against the bots, the games may take 25 minutes.

  • Amazing matches.

Each of the battles you will have in COD: Mobile will be amazing for its complexity and number of connected players. You can show off your long gun skills by playing as a sniper or stealth mode with a short gun.


If you want to have good action and battle games on your mobile device, you should install the Call of duty mobile apk. This game comes from a franchise over one decade old and represents innovation in games. COD: Mobile will allow you to sit in the Second World War, where you face other players using a p2p connection.

COD: Mobile has several features that will entice you to play it for hours or even days if you have time to spare. You can choose between an online or offline game mode if you need more training. The game has a great reputation for the graphics it shows you, stability on servers, and of course, for its game modes.

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