Top 10 South Indian Dishes

10 Most Popular Southern Indian Dishes

South Indian food is quite healthy and full of coconut dishes. Indian gastronomy is quite varied. It arises as a great result of several cultures. The flavours of India are related to the use of many vegetables and spices.

Good Indian cuisine offers an excellent combination of flavours and textures that balance and contrast. South Indian dishes are usually tasty with a special flair. This food is the hottest in the whole country.

South Indian food items are varied and have managed to attract the attention of tourists. South India has a hot and humid climate, the rain is quite abundant, and you can also get several supplies of vegetables, fresh fruits, and rice.

South Indian cuisine has become highly recommended by its inhabitants and visitors. This type of food is always accompanied by rice; coconut oil is often used for frying and cooking. Vegetable oils such as canola and sunflower are used as well.

The best dishes of South India

You must know in detail the dishes eaten in South India if you go on vacation.

1. Sambar:

SambarIt is a rich curry with boiled vegetables and lentils; it is usually a traditional dish from South India, it is almost always served with rice.

2. Come Pongal:


This is a spectacular breakfast eaten in South India. This is made with moong and rice. Many tourists eat this dish for its pleasant taste and smell. This makes it famous.

3. Medu Vada

Medu Vada

This is a South Indian fritter. It is made with spices, urad dal, and curry leaves. Today it is a dish that many places in various famous restaurants.

4. Avial:


It is a fairly famous dish in South India. It is made with yogurt and mixed vegetables. You can prepare them in 5 minutes. This makes many tourists want to try it and recommend it.

5. Paniyaram:

PaniyaramThis food is made of rice and black lentils, it can be salty or sweet, it depends on the ingredients used: brown sugar or chili peppers, it is a quite tasty dish.

6. Fish Curry

Fish CurryThis dish is spicy fish curry with coconut. This rich curry combines well with white rice, is a simple meal to make, and is available in several restaurants in South India.

7. Idiyappam:


This food is quite traditional in Kerala, Sri Lanka, and Tamil. This dish is made with rice flour pressed into noodles and rice, then steamed. It is almost always served for breakfast. Some people accompany it with coconut or curry. It is quite rich.

8. Onion Uttapam:

Onion Uttapam

This dish is quite famous in South India and is served at breakfast. It is made of onions, dosa paste, coriander, and green chili peppers.

9. Chettinad Appam:

Chettinad Appam

This is a delicious pancake dish. It is made with coconut milk and fermented rice.

10. Carrot Soup:

Carrot SoupThis is a nutritious soup. It is delicious. It is made with garlic paste, dows, ginger, spices, and herbs.

South Indian cuisine

You need to know the South Indian food list to know which one you want to try.

Karnataka cuisine: Karnataka people like to eat a fairly balanced diet of corn. They eat very little rice. In this place, they make a recommended dish called roti, and it can be eaten with chili peppers, onions, or pickles.

Karnataka has become known for its great and beautiful coasts, making them eat a lot of seafood.

Andhra cuisine: Andhra cuisine is usually quite spicy. The diet in this place is sambar and rice. Andhra is well known, thanks to the Hyderabadi biryani. There are a lot of restaurants in North India that are in charge of selling this famous dish. Biryani is used in basmati rice, chunks of meat, lemon, spices, fried onions, and coriander.

Kerala cuisine: Kerala cuisine is usually quite different from other South Indian cuisines. In this place, the food is cooked with coconut oil. The people in Kerala eat a lot of beef and pork.

Kerala has become famous for offering Malabar cuisine. It is a great mix of Persian, Arabic, Indian, Persian, and European cuisine. Kerala is a very popular tourist destination because you can get a variety of homestays that provide tourists with all the secrets of local cuisine.

Indian food secret

The secret of this type of South Indian food is found in the condiments. The ingredients most used in this kitchen are rice. The most used accompaniments for fish, lamb dishes or curries, are usually atta. This is a special type of wheat or flour with which bread is made.

Other ingredients that have been used in other recipes in Indian cuisine are also used. This is yogurt. This is used in some drinks. It is ideal for softening the spiciness of various dishes. It adds a bit of acidity.

Aspects that you should take into consideration when eating in India

If you are going to spend your holidays in India, it is necessary that you know several tips when eating in this country

 It is essential that you know that you usually eat with your hands in this country, although cutlery is placed in some places. Most inhabitants eat with their hands because it is a custom. You must remember that you have to eat with your right hand because the left is reserved for impure activities.

South Indian food is less spicy. The dishes you will eat here contain a mixture of spices.

Southern dishes have unique flavors

South Indian foods feature special flavors; meals are surrounded by rice typically combined with rasam, sambar, coconut, curried, or dried vegetables. The curries have plenty of water and offer excellent benefits because they use native fruits and coconut.

Breakfasts in India are usually spicy and salty, although most hotels offer western-style dishes. Masala dosa is food from South India. It is a crispy and thin crepe. It is filled with fried onion and potatoes, seasoned with spices that give it a unique flavor.

Aloo Paratha is a fully flattened wheat dough mixed with chopped red onion and potatoes. This is quite a delicious choice that many tourists love. It is a dish that is used a lot in South India.

Uttapam: it is an exquisite food from South India. It is known as an Indian pizza. It does not have much spice. It is a very rich dish; the dough is usually rice flour and lentil flour with ginger. On top it has onion, coriander, tomato, if you go to India, you cannot stop trying this food.

Indian food is considered worldwide for being one of the best. It is tasty, its smells and flavors are unique. Tourists who have visited this country have commented that most dishes are delicious.

South Indian food is synonymous with good taste, flavor, and many positive things. It is ideal for alleviating various health problems. This is why it has been so successful among its followers. Its food is varied and special. So look for a restaurant that offers this type of food that is close to your home.

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